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About Us
Ceramic tiles have been an integral part of mankind since time immemorial. They have been a witness to history being unfolded and haved lived to tell the tale. Ceramic tiles have survived the rise and fall of civilizations and with each upheaval have added a new dimension to their properties. Today they are an integrated part of modern living combining the winning qualities of beauty and value for money.

Symphony ceramic have united the toughness of ceramic tiles with modern technological advances and customer aspirations to produce a range that is vast in choice With over 8 year of experience in this field and in depth knowledge of markers both in India and abroad, the prompter of Symphony Tiles have set up a world class integrated production facility to manufacture and supply high quality ceramic tiles The designs, sizes, colours and surface finishes will be made keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer.

Trust, Quality and reliability have been the watchwords of Symphony Tiles and they plan to continue fulfilling the expectations of their vast array of customers. Total customer satisfaction via adoption of Quality Management Systems in all spheres of activity guarantee adherence to predecided standards. The company nurtures each relationship be it with the trade, consumers of suppliers. This has established Symphony Tiles as reliable and trustworthy entity capable of overcoming market challenges.

Just like their historical counterparts, Symphony Tiles will be around to witness future market developments and participate in remaking the personality of the humble ceramic tile.